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What is Truth?

What is truth?
Is it concrete?
Science, mathematics, empirical evidence
E=MC squared constitute reality, but…

Can truth be subjective?
Can it be a risk?
Can it be infinite?
Can it be wonder?

Voyaging through strange seas of Thought
Can we come across truth
when those things we fear the most
end up being the greatest therapy

Life really does begin at the end of your comfort zone
So take that leap or die trying


I See and then I Feel

I recently started taking a poetry workshop.

It’s a way for me to EXPRESS MYSELF!

I See and then i Feel

I see kids playing in the park tripping on their feet 

I see dancers closing their eyes grooving to the beat

I see people zoning out in the subway on their phones

I feel naturally free and empty, just observing


I see the Internet and imagine lives-that-might-have-been-mine

I see people growing farther in distance spread across time

I see in multiple tabs and in alternate and present realities

I feel evolving relationships of increased intensity, just yearning


I see restlessness radiating from my body through scars on my journey

I see anticipation as thinking is stimulated by constant activity

I see confidence and happiness go up and down in waves and i wonder why

I feel those fleeting emotions intensify as I adjust to finding the right pace, just breathing


I see metaphorically speaking

Uncertainty is a way of being

And while I try and pave my own path

I feel and learn simultaneously, just living

Oh the gap between “Who I am now versus who I will be”