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Feeling Inspired

I’ve been feeling really inspired these past few months. Inspiration leads to reflection. Reflection is best expressed through words. I’m not the best at articulating my thoughts in person..but i’d like to be better at it. Anyway, blogging..this might be a temporary thing so don’t get too excited. Post 6 hr flight from Colorado, I’m feeling a mix between delusional and inspired now. Here’s to letting the stream of consciousness take its course…

I take a lot of pictures. It is a way for me to transcribe my experiences into proof or acknowledgment that I’m alive…that I’m grabbing life by its horns and hopefully influencing those around me in a positive way.

My goal is simply this: To exhaust myself in the glorious pursuit of life.

When I die (probably in a tragic accident doing something that I love..i.e. biking in the city) I want to leave a digital trail behind for my loved ones to know that I’ve lived a fulfilling life…that i’m trying and will continue to improve myself everyday..physically and mentally.

Although there are times that my “quirky” lifestyle may seem “unsustainable” and unfit “for a real person” (these are actual real quotes from my friends who only mean the best…), I want them to understand that right now I have certain priorities and values that have are shaping me to become the person that I am. If you’re thinking that I’m going to put myself in awkward situations in order to get a good story out of it, you’re right. This is going to be my rendition of living a life like Hannah Horvath from Girls. Deal with it.

I wake up every morning in excitement for what the day brings. I learn from my past mistakes. I continue on making mistakes. I live and I laugh.

My feelings are always changing. In any case, I’m on the road to self improvement and I’m still figuring myself out. Writing all of this down will give me a greater sense of accountability.

So aside from leaving a digital trail behind for my 90 yr old self to look back on how I’ve lived my 20’s (I can already picture myself reeling in tears, laughter, shame, embarrassment. I also wanted this to be a channel for me to encourage others to “Live your Life.”…gosh, not in a YOLO (i knew you were thinking it!) way but in a more philosophical…success doesn’t always equate to happiness so stop bitching about work and just live in the present sense. I’ll practice what I preach.

to give my ramblings a bit more structure, I’m going to end/begin every blog with a quote


the things you own end up owning you” – Tyler Durden Fight Club

You won’t find happiness or the meaning of your life in the shopping mall or in the click of a mouse. Like in Fight Club, Tyer shows Jack that aquiring more and more stuff is a meaningless pursuit devoid of purpose and fulfillment.

“You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis. You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.”

The rise of consumerism has us chasing fancy cars and luxury materialistic things, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. And then throwing it all a way once something new has come along…

This quote or sentiment was inspired by my talk with a guy named Mike..a good friend of this “homeless” chick, Raina, I met last Thursday..(reminder to dedicate a post about her).  Anyway, Mike is awesome. He’s always around St. Marks walking laps due to his OCD so chances are you may have seen him before.

Week 1 Challenge: 

Buy shit you need not what you want. Clean your room. Get rid of your crap that you don’t use. Give it to the homeless or to your friends 

There you go, I’ve typed it out. Meaning I’m held accountable.

Challenge accepted.

and so it begins.