We hear the voice in our head that lets us know we exist
We are half conscious and
We start to question last night’s dream.
“was that really me?”

Temporary access allowing access to wild visions
Transforming the way we see the world
and our place in it

Without knowing it we’ve been unplugged
We reevaluate current belief systems
Decondition our thinking
Unwary of conventional norms
“What is right versus wrong?”

Out of bed
Feeling the floor beneath my feet
Smelling stale air and nothing more
Seeing a reflection of zombie eyes
Hearing chirping birds, too early to care

Curious to
Feel 5 elements all at once
Smell the slow stagnation of my aging body
See a world of ambiance and energy audio waves
Hear music move and blast me inside out

“Hello, I’d like some psychedelic drugs please.”


About tifflin123

Adventurer. Traveler. Explorer. Living. Loving. Learning.

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