I See and then I Feel

I recently started taking a poetry workshop.

It’s a way for me to EXPRESS MYSELF!

I See and then i Feel

I see kids playing in the park tripping on their feet 

I see dancers closing their eyes grooving to the beat

I see people zoning out in the subway on their phones

I feel naturally free and empty, just observing


I see the Internet and imagine lives-that-might-have-been-mine

I see people growing farther in distance spread across time

I see in multiple tabs and in alternate and present realities

I feel evolving relationships of increased intensity, just yearning


I see restlessness radiating from my body through scars on my journey

I see anticipation as thinking is stimulated by constant activity

I see confidence and happiness go up and down in waves and i wonder why

I feel those fleeting emotions intensify as I adjust to finding the right pace, just breathing


I see metaphorically speaking

Uncertainty is a way of being

And while I try and pave my own path

I feel and learn simultaneously, just living

Oh the gap between “Who I am now versus who I will be”


About tifflin123

Adventurer. Traveler. Explorer. Living. Loving. Learning.

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