Burn-out Phase

I’ve been nonstop in my hustle since my last post about moments of influence that keep me moving.

I look like I haven’t slept for more than 4 hours in the past few days. My brain feels like scrambled eggs. My eyebags are getting darker. I still have acne on my chin. My mind is never in the right place..ESPECIALLY when I’m in front of a computer. I have 20 tabs open right now and can’t focus on one task at a time. My heart is beating so fast. I’m not on any drugs if thats what you’re thinking. I’m beginning to feel cough sick so I’m taking Dayquil/EmergenC to prevent sickness before I leave for California/Coachella this weekend.

I realize when I’m with my friends, I talk nonsensically about nothing/everything all at once. it’s like regurgitation of the mouth.

You: “How was your weekend?”My mind processes this: “3 frenchies . maple syrup..Thai dinner..La Caverna..5 AM..$ pizza..longboard..zombies…williamsburg…bazaar..free food…bridge..Frenchies/swede..13th step..$ pizza..5 AM…Day trip with Swede..Unisphere..Met Stadium..Flushing…Jackson Heights…5Pointz ..the boil..crawfish..street chair..what was the question?”
What I end up saying: “uhhhhh” weird smile on my face.
I just end up mumbling..and saying stupid shit. People either think i’m stoned because I talk too slow (cause: sleep deprivation) or that I’m high on crack (most likely just ran/biked and you’re experiencing aftermath of biker high)

Anyway great weekend.

Highlights:Walking around Queens Zoo seeing kids run around picking up Easter eggs
Me: “Babies. Toddlers. Describe in one word. Go.”
Swede: “Drunk midgets”
We see a kid skating belly down on skateboard pass by…”yes…yes..”

tonight is the last night i have until i set a new challenge for myself..still figuring that one out. after i complete my post 6 PM wunwun task, im going straight home to clean my room/declutter my life. Watch Walking Dead..greet a new AirBnb guest…and pass the eff out.


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