Hustle: “Do it For the Story”

According to Urban:

Anythin you need to do to make it sellin cars, drugs, ya body. If you makin money, you hustlin.

According to Merriam:

a : to obtain by energetic activity <hustle up new customers>. b : to sell something to or obtain something from by energetic and especially underhanded activity

My definition:
To move forward with energy and swag, not necessarily in an attempt to make money, but to do anything to get closer to what you want to get with the intention of achieving a sense of thrill/adventure/peace of mind/an interesting story.

The end “destination” isn’t the reward, its more the act oft embarking on this “journey”  and facing all the obstacles that finally got you there.

I bring up the term “Hustle” because I realize that it pretty summed up my Tuesday (4/26) and I intend on using the this word more often in my “About me”

I meet someone new everyday. And when that dreadful question “What do you do?” comes up, I try my hardest to fight back that initial dread that creeps up at the slightest mention about work/my career. Unless I’m working in a circus, I’m not going to be particularly enthused to tell people I work a 9-6 job staring at dual monitors everyday.  It’s a good stable job at a very reputable company that more than pays for my standard of living. I just can’t light up talking about it. Why? Because its corporate. Same shit. Different day.

Plus, I just would prefer to not talk about work past 6 PM when I’ve clocked out. Some people could talk about work 24/7…complaints, bureaucratic drama, promotions, raises, working after hours, the “i am going to quit…interview somewhere else” bullshit.   I don’t know why anybody would bring work talk into their “social time”. Anyway, that’s their prerogative, not mine.

So I’m just going to rephrase the “What do you do” question to “What do you like to do”

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

“i hustle for a living” ..”im a bike messenger that hustles during her lunch hour doing odd jobs while working a 9-6 desk job” “i’m a yogi and fitness enthusiast that works out hard at the gym to hustle back  home to make a smoothie, chug a beer, or smoke a sheesh”..”im a dancing machine that hustles (and shuffles) until 2 AM at least 2 times a week to keep my muscles limber and my body/mind free of judgement” ..”i’m a Airbnb/Couchsurfing host who finds time to hustle around her work/fitness/sleeping schedule to show foreigners what NYC nightlife is about”..”im a hustla ..immma immaa hustler”

I also strive to be a “Bad Bitch”



My Tuesday 3/26
9:00-9: 15- Bike to work.
Hustlin = after 5 hours of sleep, light cardio gave me some endorphins to push through and catch up on Friday/Monday emails. My solution for sleep deprivation = keep moving
12-12:30- WunWun – Delivery task =  Pick up keys, drop them off half a mile away.  Total time: 30 minutes.
Hustlin = $10 with 10 min good cardio bike time. I love being a bike messenger.
2-2:30- Met Couchsurfer and Emily for lunch.
Hustlin = Great prelim “Nice to meet you before you sleep on my couch” convo with a Swede with funny accent/wordly perspective
6:30- 7 – Bike home from work
Hustlin = Mindless bike ride, brain dump after exhausted day at work. Period of reflection over how to spend rest of day.
7-8- Spontaneous decision to flip ASOT ticket/compromised to meet Craigslister at Battery Park. Opted to run instead of bike.
Hustlin = 6 miles running cardio time, took in scenery around Southstreet, Water Street, FIDI, sold my ASOT afterparty tickets for double the price purchased. WOOOT
8-9  – Whole Foods Supermarket
Hustlin = Good deals for protein bars. 5 for $5. Low Fat Greek Yogurt. Kale. Spirulina. Strawberries. Chicken Broth. Quinoa
9-12 – Smoking hookah/drinking beer back at the apartment with Swedes/Em
12-2- Dance like nobody is watching at Sapphire Lounge with Swedes/Em
Hustlin = 3,000 fuelpoints in 2 hours. Solidified friendship bond with Swedes who have funny dance moves. Hung with my 33 and 37 yr old queer dance friends who look like they are 25. They are my role models.

Memorable quotes of the day:
“I’d say you’ve got too much swag,” “seems like this is a bachelor pad” “Do it for the story” “Home is whenever I’m with you” “Home is where your heart is”

Weekly Challenge: Declutter my life/Clean my room

Progress to date: I took my clothes to the cleaners. That’s a start…


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